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4 Reasons Why I LOVE Sambazon PLUS a #Giveaway

25 May
Sambazon sounds like a country I’d like to add to my bucket list when in fact it’s not that at all. Sambazon is the first smoothie/drink brand to feature a full suite of certifications including organic, fair trade, non-GMO, vegan, gluten free and B Corporation.
Since the beginning of the year, my family and I have been trying to eat better. We were terrible at eating fruits and vegetables and we have been trying to change the way we snack too. That’s when we were introduced to Sambazon. Continue reading

Kidecals: Brilliant Labels, Mom-Approved. Save 15% TODAY!

14 May
My boys are getting older … and with that means they’ll be partaking in more and more games and activities. Since starting school and playing sports, I’ve realized how important it is to write their names on everything. From pencil boxes to lunch pails (do they still say “pails”) to jackets and water bottles, labeling has sort of become second nature to me. I’ve become so use to labeling their belongings that I keep the labeler in the car and stick it on the item as soon as we make the purchase. OCD much, Amanda? Jeesh. 

Before I found Kidecals, I was hand writing my children’s names on all of their belongings. That got old. And it was tacky and definitely not “hip” according to my 5-year-old.
Kidecals are personalized kid name labels that can be used on water bottles, clothing, books, toys, sports gear, etc. with fun and trendy designs. Kidecals are dishwasher, washing machine and dryer safe and they do not damage surfaces.

The labels are even waterproof. Which means you can attach them to your pool toys at the next water party! How cool is that?!

Kidecals was founded by a mom of two boys. I knew there was a reason I was instantly attached to these labels! Which means … they’re not just some product that popped into a 20-year-old’s head and slapped a paten on it. Nope. They’re kid-tested / mom-approved!

Here is what all Kidecals has to offer-

Fun Mustache Stickers
My boys are crazy for anything with a mustache. We have t-shirts, stickers, socks, and tattoos. We love Kidecals fun Partystache stickers to use on folders, or just to be silly, and the Mustache Chalkboard Stickers are a cute way to label/organize the kids stuff (or even yours if you’d like)!

Personalized Kids Name Labels
Kidecals are an absolute must if you’ve got kids and hate losing their stuff. Label water bottles, clothing, books, toys, and sports gear with their trendy and fun designs. Kidecals are crazy durable…dishwasher, washing machine AND dryer safe, and they don’t damage surfaces. BAM! These things rock!

Waterproof Labels
The annoying thing about using a sharpie to label stuff is that it eventually washes away. Kidecals waterproof name labels are insanely durable and can stick to just about anything. From clothes to water bottles…and stay put through wash after wash after wash. Oh – and pool toys? Check and CHECK!

Daycare Labels
If you have kids in daycare then you know how important it is to label EVERYTHING. Kidecals daycare labels are not just super cute, they’re dishwasher, washing machine and dryer safe, and stay put on anything from clothing, to baby’s favorite lovey to sippy and snack cups.

Camp Labels
It’s obvious Kidecals is founded by a mother of two boys, because not only are their designs amazingly cute errr – “cool” for boys … they are super duper durable for all the stuff I need to label for camp. Kidecals are dishwasher, washing machine AND dryer safe. They literally do not come off. Ever. Kidecals makes the perfect camp labels for this mom, who is expecting her kids to return with every single thing she packed. (yeah right.)

What else? As if I didn’t cover everything

Oh … They were even featured on The Today Show! Yayeah! Matt Lauer is a cutie patootie and he can label anything of mine, anytime!

Have you figured out that these things are the new “it” thing yet? If you don’t make the purchase of a set of Kidecals today … I don’t want to hear you complain later when little Tommy loses his lunch box. Just sayin.

BONUS: I have a gift for YOU! My Readers can now Save 15% off Kidecals  – the most durable waterproof labels on the market! Just use the promo code: bestlabels on their website when you place the order.

Now go! Get on their website and order now!  Before Junior loses another jacket to the lost and found pile!

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Rubbermaid Lunchblox Sandwich Kit {Review & Giveaway}

4 Sep

Do you remember the days when Mom (or especially Dad) would pack your sandwich in your sack lunch for school, put it in the baggy, and then when it came time for lunch – you had a nice, flat, warm sandwich and crushed chips to eat?

Or are you that parent now who packs their child(ren)’s lunch only for them to come home and whine that their sandwich was warm, their chips were crushed, and their grapes were warm AND crushed?

Or maybe you forget to put your lunch in the fridge once you arrived at work and now YOU are the one that has to eat the warm sandwich and fruit. Or maybe someone stacked their lunch on top of yours smashing all of your food.

Well … thanks to the new Rubbermaid LunchBlox Sandwich Kit you NEVER have to worry about that again!

The kit includes a specially designed Blue Ice™ pack that works with LunchBlox containers to keep lunches chilled on the go, which is really nice if you have things that need to be kept cool in your child’s lunch like, milk, yogurt, cheese, pasta, etc. My son has a very hard time eating the sandwiches I make for him once it comes time for lunch, because (in a whiney voice) “the sandwich doesn’t taste good unless it’s cold”.

This kit also saves space in your child’s lunchbox and helps it stay organized because the containers snap together, allowing space to be saved. The Blue Ice pack easily snaps onto the bottom of the sandwich container so that it doesn’t freely move around in the lunchbox if you don’t want it to.

A sandwich fits well in the sandwich container and you also have two little snack containers and a regular sized snack container, that are proportioned perfectly for fruits, vegetables, cheeses or whatever it is your child enjoys munching on. Also a plus: the blox are microwaveable, dishwasher and freezer safe, and BPA-free! So not only are you saving money on baggies, you’re reusing containers that often can go with just a shake out or quick rinse … not even a full trip in the dishwasher.

I love the new Rubbermaid Lunchblox Sandwich Kit and we plan on using it for school, work, picnics, travel, and other family outings!

You can easily check out Rubbermaids complete line of LunchBlox products by visiting them hereThe LunchBlox Sandwich Kit is currently available for purchase at, Target, Kmart, Kroger, Safeway, Bi-Lo, Winn-Dixie, HEB, other grocery stores and select Wal-Mart stores.
suggested retail value: $12.99 each

Three winners will receive ONE Lunchblox Sandwich Kit for their back-to-school child (or for their selfish selves) ::wink wink:: Just kidding!

Enter below via Rafflecopter either your login info or email (don’t worry – I’m the only one that sees your email info).
This giveaway will end at midnight (CST) on Monday, September 10th.I will contact you via email.  You will have 24 hrs to respond back to me before a new winner is chosen.I’m sorry international peeps – but at this time, the giveaway is only for those living in the US and Canada and you must be 18+ to enter.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

As I’ve stated before … I am a freelance writer, editor, and professional lunch packer.  I am for hire for the first two.  I was provided the product above for an honest review and I gave it. Unfortunately I was not monetarily compensated for this post. All opinions expressed are my own.

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Back-to-School Review: California Innovations Lunch Bag

31 Aug

It’s that time of year again … back-to-school time. Or in other words … back to homework. Back to new clothes shopping. Back to schedules. Back to setting the alarm clock earlier. And back to planning sack lunches. And if you’re like me, that’s one of the hardest parts of the whole back-to-school season. It’s hard trying to maintain that healthy balance of food choices vs. foods your kids will love – all while ensuring s/he is happy with how they’re carrying their lunch. 
That’s where California Innovations comes in.

California Innovations opened their doors in 1986 with a pretty simple idea: to make products that people love. And they’re doing just that. They focus on making great products that are unique, practical and have integrity.

This school year my little preschooler will be starting school in style with his new Eco-friendly Toy Story lunch bag. The high-density thermal insulation helps keep meals cool until lunchtime. And what’s in it for me? The ultra-safe easy clean lining with Microban that is PVC free and lead safe gives me one less thing to worry about when I’m sending the little man off to school.

We’re in the back-to-school zone and California Innovations is the way to go for sack lunches. With their wide variety of styles and designs, you’re sure to find one that fits your child.
Overall, I am thrilled with our new lunch bag and look forward to my boys carrying them for years to come! It is cute, trendy, durable, and more than anything – ensures that he has a perfectly fresh lunch each and every day!

That’s not all California Innovations carries though. There are many, many other fun and stylish cool lunch bags, coolers, hydration products, and even diaper bags. Their coolers and lunch bags are like nothing else out there. They are insulated for better performance, more versatile, and much easier to use. 
26 years after they opened their doors, they haven’t changed what they’ve done since the beginning – create the best soft-sided insulated products in the world.

Not only are their products great for back-to-school … but they’re also usefull for travel, work, sports, and play.
To check out the super awesome selection of California lunch bags and other products, be sure to visit their website.

Disclosure:  I am a freelance writer, editor, and professional lunch packer.  I am available for hire for the first two.  I was not monetarily compensated. Sample was provided by California Innovations PR reps at Truth Be Told, Inc. All opinions expressed are my own.

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Boogie Wipes Review/Giveaway

25 Jun

Just because it isn’t Winter doesn’t mean a cold doesn’t still strike the T-household.  In our house, we get Summer colds as well.  In fact, our youngest just finished a round of antibiotics to rid his cold-then turned-sinus Infection.  This isn’t his first rodeo with snot though.  The poor kid seemed like he was sick every other week for months.  And so that’s when I jumped at the chance to try Boogie Wipes.  I’m all for products that claim they will provide comfort to my little ones.  What mother wouldn’t?! 

Here is poor C. Max with his most recent sinus infection…

That was not tears and snot of a crying baby. That was tears and snot from a VERY sick little boy:

And this is the ornery stinker a couple days later after using Boogie Wipes.
Usually he would have a red, chapped nose from using Kleenex or wipes.  But not this time!  He’s allll smiles and purdy again (minus the oreo cookie leftovers on his face).

And so now … after trying Boogie Wipes with this latest mucus-fest … they will become a necessity in our diaper bag/purse.  And they will also no doubt become a favorite to hand out at baby showers as well.  If you’re a new-mom, old-mom {wink}, or a mom-to-be … you’re going to want to pick you up some of these.  You won’t be dissappointed!

Here’s the thing: unlike regular tissues, boogie wipes don’t contain a ton of aloe, so they don’t leave that greasy feel on your fingers.  Instead, they feature saline to gently clean and moisturize little noses without rubbing the skin raw.  Plus, each wipe features a grape or menthol scent that, in our case, entired Christopher to sit still for once while I wiped his nose.

I really REALLY love these wipes.  I commend this company for developing a product that solves the aloe/grease problem while still keeping our little one’s noses feeling good.  I’ll confess: I may have used them on my arms when I forgot my lotion a time or two.  But mainly they were for Christopher.  I also like how their packaging (see pic above) is fun and easy to use with an easy-to-secure top to keep the wipes inside moist.  But I also love that each individual package states the following: “Developed by moms tired of chasing runny noses”.  FINALLY!  Someone understands.

You can find Boogie Wipes at Costco, Target, Walmart, Babies R Us, and more.  For more information, check out their awesome website, which contains information on their Save the Sleeve campaign. You can also check them out on Facebook and Twitter.

Would YOU like to try a package of Boogie Wipes?
Of course you do!

Boogie Wipes has generously offered ONE reader the chance to win (2) packs of 30-count wipes (fresh, grape, menthol, or unscented – combination will vary).
Enter below using Rafflecopter.  Contest ends at 12:01am CST on 7/9/2012.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclosure:  I was provided with a package of varied-scented Boogie Wipes to test out.  However, all opinions are strictly my own.

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Diamond Candles – Advertisement

21 Jun

Their story: 
Let’s start at the beginning of this love story that turned into a business. David met Brenda for the first time in November of 1978 when they were both still in high school. He knew the first time that he laid eyes on her that she was going to be his wife one day. They both realized that they were destined to be together.

David and Brenda Cayton's Wedding
Several years later at a picnic in his parents’ back yard, David got down on one knee and proposed to Brenda just two years after their first date. She said yes!

Young, broke, and in love, there was nothing wrong with the world as long as they were together.
Throughout the next year, David worked long hours in construction and had been saving up every penny to be able to buy something nice for his wife for their anniversary. With their anniversary approaching, he went to the local jewelry store to see what type of gift he could afford with his hard earned savings. He soon discovered a diamond ring that he knew Brenda would absolutely love.
With the ring purchased, David rushed to the grocery store to buy a gift bag to put the ring in. He couldn’t find any gift bags, but just before leaving he saw some candles. David knew that Brenda loved candles, and he decided to pick one up to go along with the anniversary ring. On his way out of the store, he looked down at the ring in one hand and the candle in the other, and the idea of Diamond Candles was born.
The candles:
Earth friendly, all natural soy candles made in the USA in Durham, NC with a SURPRISE inside.  A ring worth $10 – $5,000.00.
The combination of highly fragrant premium quality soy candles, an exciting and fun ‘ring reveal’ experience (what ring will you find?), and a ring to wear for months and years to come means making something as boring as burning candles in your home something to look forward to.
Once you burn your candle down and find your ring, head over to facebook and upload a photo or video of you and your ring for everyone else to see! You canwatch some ‘ring reveal’ videos, or go ahead and take the plunge and get your first soy candle!

How awesome is this?!  Check Diamond Candles out today!!

Disclosure:  I was not compensated for this post.  However I was offered to apply for a review/giveaway in exchange for this post.

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Huggies Little Movers Slip-On Diapers (Review & Giveaway)

13 Apr

Have you seen that adorable Huggies commercial with all those squirmy babies in it?  Were you sitting there shaking your head along with it?  I was too.  I know that with each day, Little C. Max is getting more and more active.  Do you know how much of a struggle it is to change his diaper?!  That kid is impossible to restrain.

The barrel roles, the kicking, the hands attempting to “help” take off his diaper, the giggles as he’s trying to run away before I can get a new diaper back on him.  Sure it’s cute when he first started moving around …. but now it’s just stressful!

Can you relate???
If so … Huggies heard my our pleas for help!  That’s why they came up with the new Little Movers Slip-On Diapers – made especially for your baby, or maybe it was made for us parents. 

On the new Huggies branded YouTube Channel you can create your very own Huggies Little Movers Slip-On Diaper squirmy baby commercial!  You can upload those cute little babies in your life.  There are even some celebs doing it and we all know your kiddo can compete with their kids!  Melissa Rycroft, Tia Mowry and Emily Procter have all uploaded their own videos.  And you should too!

We had the opportunity to these diapers with Christopher and he struts around the house like he’s “hot stuff”.  And I have found them to be very absorbent and they fit my little monkey (and his chubster-rolls) extremely well!

Here’s the best part…..
To celebrate the launch of their new channel, Huggies wants to give you the chance to try out their Little Movers Slip-On Diapers and are giving TWO Procrastinating Mommy readers a pack to try.  Each winner will also receive a magnet photo frame to show off their squirmy baby!

Be sure to enter all giveaway entries into the Rafflecopter widget or they won’t be counted!

a Rafflecopter giveaway
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