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6 Ways to Teach your Child Money Management

29 May
Benjamin Franklin said, “a penny saved is a penny earned.” In today’s economy, this expression could not be any more of value. Literally. Wise financial planning encourages wise spending and saving for the future and in the long run can have a profound impact on your child’s life. But when and how do our children learn about money, financial responsibilities, savings, budgeting, debt, and credit? Perhaps some in high school – but for most children … they learn at home.
Information for this post is sourced from Genworth Financial in partnership with the SheHeard Influencer Network.
There are many ways to incorporate smart financial decisions into your child’s life that will help teach them the importance of money:

Tornado Safety and Planning Checklist

29 May
Did you know that 3 out of every 4 tornadoes touch down in the United States? You could probably guess that. But do you know which state has the most? Many would say it was one of the states in tornado alley when actually it’s Florida. Florida is the thunderstorm capital of the world. The tornadoes spawned in Florida usually don’t reach the width of a tornado in tornado alley, but on average, they receive the most with 12.3 tornadoes per 10,000 miles. 
So which state receives the second most tornadoes?

Disney World’s New Fantasyland: A Tot Mecca

29 May
What if you focused your entire Walt Disney World vacation around your toddler? Walt Disney World can be overwhelming — not only for babies and toddlers – but also for the adults who cannot take their little ones on many of the rides. But, here’s the kicker, you ready for this? Disney World isn’t all about the rides. In fact, the Magic Kingdom’s New Fantasyland is tot mecca and it only has a couple of rides.

Having been to the park about a dozen times, first one being when I was around five, I figured I was qualified enough to review their newest (and largest) expansion in their 41-years, the New Fantasyland. Memories of the old Fantasyland flash back as I remember me, cautiously wrapping my arms around Minnie Mouse. I remember walking past the gates of the Haunted Mansion and begging my parents not to take me inside and instead take me directly to the carousel. I remember being thoroughly amazed and almost overwhelmed on the boat of It’s A Small World. So obviously, when I heard about the expansion of Fantasyland, I couldn’t wait to check it out.

At the same time though, I was apprehensive.

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A Day to Remember. Because our Veterans will never Forget

27 May
“Let every nation know, whether it wishes us well or ill, that we shall pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend, oppose any foe to assure the survival and the success of liberty.” – John F. Kennedy

Not just every day, but especially on Memorial Day, we reflect on how great a price we have paid with the loss of incredible young people – people of strong moral fiber, hardworking, and overall good people who would have continued to contribute to the greatness of this nation after their days of military service were completed. They were/are not battle points. They are individuals who were brave enough to put on their uniform every day and go in harm’s way to protect this beautiful country, their families, our families, and their fellow soldiers. Continue reading

4 Reasons Why I LOVE Sambazon PLUS a #Giveaway

25 May
Sambazon sounds like a country I’d like to add to my bucket list when in fact it’s not that at all. Sambazon is the first smoothie/drink brand to feature a full suite of certifications including organic, fair trade, non-GMO, vegan, gluten free and B Corporation.
Since the beginning of the year, my family and I have been trying to eat better. We were terrible at eating fruits and vegetables and we have been trying to change the way we snack too. That’s when we were introduced to Sambazon. Continue reading

Hey Wichita Ladies … Let’s Get Dirty!

25 May

Alright Wichita (and area) Girls … it’s time to get off your rears and come get dirty with me!

Recently I was contacted by a Dirty Girl to become a Blog Ambassador for the Dirty Girl Mud Run coming to Wichita, Kansas in July. With this comes a unique opportunity for me to share their cause, which raises money for the National Breast Cancer Foundation! Not a bad gig, eh? And you think I just sit around typing on my little computer and eating bon bons. Shame on you!

I’m not athletic at all. And maybe you aren’t either! Evidently that’s perfectly fine!

Here’s the scoop…

Dirty Girl is a 5k mud run for women of all ages and athletic abilities. Don’t worry – it’s not a “race” in the traditional sense. It is an untimed obstacle course designed to push you slightly out of your comfort zone – but only as far as you are comfortable going. Forming teams is encouraged, and so is helping your fellow Dirty Girls get through to the finish. At a Dirty Girl Mud Run you’ll find excitement, laughter, and camaraderie – as well as lots of music and even some adult beverages. It’s a day you’ll never forget.

Dirty Girls love their mud and obstacles. And because of that, they take special care to choose a location for each event that provides you with the best chance of crossing the finish with the biggest smile of your life!

Course Description
Run, walk, climb, crawl—you will experience it all. With obstacle names like Utopian Tubes (tunnel crawl) and PMS (Pretty Muddy Stuff), you can expect to laugh until your cheeks hurt. But don’t worry, if you get to an obstacle that’s more than a challenge for you—hey, take one of the detours. Also expect safety throughout. Expect the event to go on rain or shine. Expect not to be timed. Expect some crazy team uniforms. Expect to leave with an overwhelming sense of accomplishment.

Course Strategy
Take it easy and have fun! It is not timed or competitive so you can go entirely at your own pace. The course may include off road terrain, so be careful. You’re sure to get muddy, wet and experience some cheek busting laughter. You can expect safety throughout the course and water stations at mile 1 and mile 2.

Spectator Tips
Prepare your guests – they’ll be overwhelmed with a sense of jealousy as they watch you experience what will be remembered as one of the best days of your life! Make sure they bring a camera as the memories will be priceless!

From start to finish, it’ll be an unforgettable event and an incredible teambuilding experience!

I had you at “adult beverages” didn’t I? Or maybe it was the fact that you’d be helping out a great cause. Either way – it’s worth it!

If you want to join my team, let me know! We’ll have to come up with a kick ass name and some cutesy uniforms. And possibly a sponsor. But knowing that the money is going to a great cause and the fact that you’re making lasting memories with some awesome local chicks … has got to be worth a night to get out and get dirty. Right?

When: Saturday – July 13th / First Wave of runners is at 8AM – Second Wave is at 4PM
Where: Location TBA

Cancer survivors run for FREE!

Sign me up!
Facebook Dirty Girl

Disclosure: I’m a Dirty Girl Ambassador, selected because of my general awesomness and also my ability to inspire. In return for spreading the word, my Dirty Girl Mud Run is comped, but all opinions are my own. A Procrastinating Mommy cannot be bought!

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3 Reasons Why You Should Have Netflix….

24 May

Summer is FINALLY here which for us means no more strict schedules to follow … sleeping in is a rule … and TV becomes a temporary babysitter. Don’t judge.

My family doesn’t have cable. We cut ties with it several years back when we had to start paying for childcare. It was just one of those costs that was pointless. Much like our home phone – which we never talked on.

Once we started hearing more and more good things about Netflix and they sent out a subscription for a one month free trial a few years ago … we decided it was worth a shot.
This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of NETFLIX but all opinions about it

are that of my own, and my children.
If you have Netflix, you’ll notice the recent new content from Hasbro, Disney Jr. and Cartoon Network. If you don’t have Netlix, well … I had you at Hasbro and Disney, didn’t I?
Netflix is better than ever! With shows like My Little Pony and Batman and Beyond or Disney classics like The Aristocats and Pocahontas or favorites for the older kids like Pingu and Johnny Test … there is a show for every child in your house of every age. And maybe grandma and grandpa too!
You don’t need to have a Playstation to stream the movies either. Heck no!
Here are 3 reasons why there is no reason for you to NOT have Netflix…
  • You can watch your favorite TV shows and movies anywhere, any time you want. Netflix is available on hundreds of devices, which you probably already have at home!
  • Streaming is easier than you think. Download the free app on your iPad, click on the Netflix app on any gaming device or visit on your computer – and you’re in business.
  • The dedicated kids section has family favorites appropriate for children ages 2- 12. All content is selected with help from Common Sense Media to provide ratings, reviews and information so parents can easily make choices for their kids!
So what are you waiting for?? For less than $8.00 a month, it’s a cheaper solution

than having cable. And a simple solution for those rainy days when you’re all out of activities for your kiddos to do also!

What are you watching on TV with your family? Netflix has family favorites from Disney, Disney Jr., Hasbro, Cartoon Network and Dreamworks that are available to stream anytime, anywhere.

And streaming is easier than you think! Download the free app on your iPad, click on the Netflix app on any gaming device, go to the website on your computer – and you’re in business. Check it out here!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of NETFLIX.


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