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BoyMomTalk 3: "Drying the little brother"

25 Mar

You know how earlier I posted a video of a very messy Christopher?
I was giving him a bath and hollered at Cash to see if he’d go get me a towel. Obviously you can tell what he asked me….

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Welcome to my life…

25 Mar

I’m trying out this whole Vlogging thing. This is my first attempt. And your first REAL look into a day of life in the Topinka house. Enjoy!

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Sweet 16 Bound: Wichita State Shockers

24 Mar

Wichita was where the party was at last night.
So I thought this was appropriate to make….


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I’m Taking the A-to-Z Challenge

23 Mar
For the most part, I don’t have a hard time thinking of something to write about. Even if it’s as simple as what I had for dinner that night. My biggest problem is making the TIME to blog/write. And that’s a big fault of mine that I want to change.
I have people ask me all the time what it takes to be a blogger. I don’t think it takes anything at all but that’s easy for me to say. They often say they don’t have anything to write about. I say that’s bull. There is ALWAYS something to write about.
Write what your passionate about. Write what you dream about. Write what you ate for the day or what you wish you could eat that day. Write about a goal or a destination you want to go to. Join Mama Kat’s Writing Prompts. Write about whatever you want to write about. Being a blogger doesn’t take a certain type of person. It just takes some dedication.
I love to write. Whenever I’m stressed or sad or mad or happy … it always makes me feel better to get what I want to say out in writing. I love to interact with people and I’ve met so many awesome writers and readers since I started my website three years ago.
But as I said earlier, there’s one thing lacking … dedication. I need to get back to writing every day. And in order to accomplish this, I’ve signed up for the A-to-Z Blogging Challenge.
Whether you are a Vlogger, a photoblogger, a poet, or a freelance writer … the A-to-Z Challenge is for anyone with a website.
So will you join in the challenge with me? I know you have what it takes. Sometimes we just need a little oomph.

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BoyMomTalk 2 "The Dance"

19 Mar

Life with boys. It’s pretty fun….

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BoyMomTalk 1 "Ball in Poop"

16 Mar

I always find myself saying random things to my boys … or doing random things … seeing random things … etc.

It’s just part of the Topinka life evidently. So anytime something like that happens, I’m puttin it on here.

For instance …. (I’m not even kidding) ….

And then I’ll put up a blank one on my sidebar later today so ya’ll can join in on the “fun”.

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Sharing your BoyMom "Moments" with me too…

15 Mar

Yesterday I posted something new that I’m going to be starting. We all have those moments with our kids that we find ourselves thinking, “I cannot believe I just said that.” Or “I cannot believe he just did that.” Etc etc.

I know I’m not the only one that has these moments.

So I came up with a way we can share. Here is a blank template for you to edit in whatever image editing program you want. I like to use PicMonkey. If you need some help with this, let me know.

Just right click on the picture, save it to your computer, upload the image to your editing program/website, insert a new text box, and then type away!

Then upload the picture to your blog, share the humor with your readers, and tweet it on Twitter with the hashtag #BoyMomTalk.
**Don’t forget to share your blog link with me!**

Here is the image….

This is going to be fun!  I can’t wait to see what ya’ll share with me!
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