Wordless-ish Wednesday

31 Oct

Today is suppose to be Wordless Wednesday on the blogs.  A day when I am suppose to show you a picture of something that doesn’t need any words.  Most bloggers will show you something that is Halloweenie or something. Not me. Huh-uh. 

I’m calling today Worldess-ISH Wednesday.  Because I actually have a few words/sentences to say about my pictures.  So here goes….

This ALWAYS happens to the boys and me when we go to the zoo. 
What are these gorilla’s trying to tell us?

Not only that.  But then I had to explain what the one zebra was doing to the other.  And why would they want play “leap frog”?
And then follows with …. “I can’t wait to tell Ms. Cindy I saw zebras playing Leap Frog at the Zoo!”


And then there’s Christopher.  Who evidently thought the gorilla statue was itching or picking his nose.  So he thought he’d help out.  Ohhhh Christopher….

Never a dull moment with the Topinka boys.

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