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UPS and Me

30 Jul

The big brown truck and me have a love/hate relationship.

I envy those guys in the poop outfits.  They are always fit.  They get like 203,840 weeks of vacation a year.  They get paid pretty well.  The wasps never seem to chase them.  And they get to meet some really cool people ……… like me.  Who couldn’t find a bra but was SOOO excited to see the UPS man and didn’t want him to leave and take my package with him – that I answered the door – floppy boobs and all it’s glory.  Then screamed like a banshee because the wasps were chasing me.  Right into a big pile of steaming hot dog poo.  Not only did I look like an idiot running after him …. but I smelled like crap (literally).

Yes this is my drawing. No I don’t have anything for sale (at the moment).

That’s my luck.

But I got my package.  A new virus protector for my computer.  All that … for a gosh dang download.

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Part I of my Random Olympic Thoughts

29 Jul

I’ve always been a spontaneous thinker type of person. I just think of random shit that either confuses me … or makes me giggle out loud. Regardless, here are some of my most recent random thoughts purged onto my blog. And since the Olympics just started – I’m calling this Part I of my Random Olympic Thoughts…


No one competing in the Olympics has ever eaten at McDonalds … ever.

I’m pretty sure the Queen is contractually bind to not smile.

Ping Pong is evidently exhausting. They towel break after 6 points.

Whenever I’m dreading the laundry pile … I think about the 8mo pregnant lady from Malaysia competing.

I had to Google 39,595,940 of those countries during the parade to make sure NBC wasn’t fucking with me.

Olympic athletes keep getting hotter.

I sooooo wanted the Queen to say: “HAPPY HUNGER GAMES!!”.

I have more blog followers than the population in some of the countries competing.

Pretty sure there was competition between Matt and Bob on who would have the dumbest commentary.

The Czech costumes in the Opening Ceremony just really confused me. Did it rain in London earlier? Is that why they were wearing the rain boots? Help me out here…

I’m curious if the USA’s outfits were actually made in the USA … or China. And when did berets = American? I thought that was France … no?

I have to go to bed early so that I can wake up in the middle of the night to watch the Olympics on Twitter.

Fencing would be a lot less boring if they used lightsabors.

NBC totally said “medalled” like it was a real word. LOL

The gymnasts do all these crazy tricks and flips but they can’t jump up and grab the bar on their own?

The athletes and their stories make me REALLY hate myself.

On a good note … gym memberships have to be going through the roof right now.

The starting “beep” sound makes me think the commentators are swearing.


Stay tuned for more….
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Turn your "AHA" into a Reality

23 Jul

As a mother and a self-proclaimed “attempted” entrepreneur, I realize how helpful support is when starting a business. I started my own transcription company from home but quickly had to refer my customer’s elsewhere as it started to become too hectic with a 3yo and a newborn at the time. It takes money and time – which were two things that were not available to me at that time.

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Talk To Them … And Pray

20 Jul

My 4-year-old turned on the TV and happened upon today’s news coverage of the breaking news at the Aurora, CO Century theater.  He wanted to know why someone would shoot and kill people at his Papa’s work (my dad is a manager at a movie theater here where we live – Cash doesn’t understand this was in another state, only that it was at a theater that looked like his papa’s).

When Cale and I decided to have kids … we agreed to always answer our children’s questions as openly and honestly as we possibly can.

Today, I watched another part of my son’s innocence go away.  Today, I watched my son’s face draw a blank (for once) as he realized that not all people are good.  That people are scary and uncertain and untrustworthy.
When our babies come into the world, they are born with such innocence.  That all the world is good. That they can trust everybody and no one will hurt them.  And every day, it seems like something happens that takes that sweet, innocence away from them.

I explained to my confused and questioning 4-year-old that this was an isolated event.  I had no choice.  He saw the coverage, he had questions, and it’s not a subject I wanted to avoid talking to him about.  I explained that he doesn’t have to be scared to go to his Papa’s work to watch a movie.  That his Dad and I will keep his safe.  The bad guy is caught and he isn’t out there anymore.  And while I cannot shelter my son … deep down, I felt like I lied to him.  I WANT to protect him from all harm.  I DON’T want him to go watch a movie this weekend with his Dad because I can’t bare the thought of something happening.  But I also know that we have to get back up on our feet.

So we prayed.  We prayed for the victims and the families of the victims.  For the law enforcement.  For the community of Aurora, Co.  For everyone affected by this tragedy.  And we prayed for the madman.  Because he needs God in his life more than anything right now …. not media coverage.

If you are speechless, and need help with prayer – Please don’t hesitate to repeat this:

Father, we come to you today asking for healing for those affected. We pray for the families of the victims who have lost their lives. I pray that they knew You during their lifetime, and that they are standing in your glory at this moment. We pray for those injured. Please heal their physical and emotional wounds, and draw them closer to You. Father, we pray for our country as a whole. We NEED you, God. We have strayed too far, and are suffering the consequences. You are the God of love, and without you, there is no REAL love. Father, comfort us, and be with those in Colorado. It is in Jesus’ name I pray, Amen

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If You’re A Mom…

18 Jul

…. you can relate ….

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MIA = Me

11 Jul

I’m going to be MIA for a few days.  Thursday – Friday we’re having a garage sale and then on Saturday I have a local press trip.  If you’re one of my Kansas readers, give me a shout ….. I’ll cut you a good deal at my sale 😉

Have a good weekend ya’ll!

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Boogie Wipes Winner!

9 Jul

First of all, I wanted to thank everyone that entered.  I wish I could give you ALL a package of boogie wipes!  I know just how it is to have a little one with a runny nose. 

Down to business….

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Again, thanks to all that entered! And congratulation to Holly!  I hope that you will spread the word about how Boogie Wipes helped save your sanity (and your child’s nose).

Everyone else…
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Thanks again, everyone!

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