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Where Did The First Year Go?!?

30 Nov

Christopher is going to be ONE in a week.  How did this happen?  He was born, I blinked, and now he’s turning one. 

He’s our last baby.  Which makes this birthday a little more nostalgic.
But four is the magic number in our house.  Two kids (BOYS) is enough. 

Don’t get me wrong … I love watching my little guys grow.  It’s one of the best (and hardest) parts of being a parent.  I enjoy connecting and interacting with Cash now that wasn’t possible before — let’s see if I’m still saying this in 10 years when he’s becoming a teenager.

Still, I can’t help but already start to miss having a baby in the house.  There’s something magical about it.


  • The slobbery kisses (even you, Cale, are not allowed to give me any of those).
  • Baths.  For some reason, water on the floor isn’t such a big deal when they’re babies.
  • The dancing.  They don’t care what they look like.  And they just bounce to the beat (or if it’s Christopher, dance on one leg and be-bop up and down).
  • The silky smooth chubbiness and the dimples in their hands where the knuckles should be.  And then there’s the dimple in the elbow. Oh how I love that little dent.
  • When you give them a firm “NO”, it’s followed by a toothless smile like they’re thinking, “oh yeah, what are you gonna do about it?”
  • Their pucker up sad face they make when something startles them.

  • The way they walk.  With a not-so-straight shuffle with their arms out like they’re either a zombie or they’re drunk.
  • Seeing the world through their eyes.  How you have to stop a thousand times during a short walk just to look at leaves, squirrels, a dog barking, the branches on the trees swaying, etc.
  • Their fearlessness.  How somehow they think they can take a dive off the bed headfirst and be ok.
  • Their silky smooth, thin baby hair.
  • Baby babble.  And trying to figure out what they’re trying to say, “dook, daw, woo” (Look!  Dog! Woof!)
  • Their smell.  And everything about it.
  • Folding their clothes and smiling at how tiny their pants and shirts are.
  • Being able to hold them on my lap without squirming to get away.
  • Farts.  Yes, farts.  Christopher let out a big one the other day which made us all giggle.  Cash thought it would be cute to squeeze one out as well.  NOT. THE. SAME.
  • Belly laughs.  And the way that a silly face or funny sound can make them burst the button on their jeans from giggling so hard.
  • And most of all:  Sleeping.   The peaceful, sweet, careless, innocent sleep.

Sure they were a handful.  Sure I’ve been barfed on in my face and poop smeared on my clothes.  Sure I’ve had my cell phone thrown in the trash and a binky tossed in the toilet.  Sure they caused me to lose some valuable sleep and chunks of hair.  But they’re mine. 
And I can never ever seem to get enough of them.


Fall Fun

28 Nov

We found a HUUUUUUGE pile of leaves on the side of our house today. 

So of course my boys did what any other kids would do….  They jumped in them and buried themselves ….

They had so much fun!  It’s definitely one of those happy childhood memories that I remember and I hope they do too.

WINNER: My Memories Suite {Digital Scrapbooking}

26 Nov

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Thanks to everyone that entered!

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Happy Thanksgiving

25 Nov

I took the day off today to spend with some family and friends.

I’ve got some stuff to post tomorrow though so stay tuned…..   🙂

Crazy B%^ch Doll At Toys R Us

22 Nov

I was watching Hoda and KLG this morning and they had a “controversial” doll on their program that supposely sounds like it’s saying, “Ok Crazy B#$ch”.  What do you think?

Thanksgiving Meal Plan

22 Nov

This is my first year I will have to cook EVERYTHING and I’m getting a little nervous.  We are spending Thanksgiving with Cale’s Mom and cooking for his family.  Since having the stroke she’s still not able to walk or move her right arm so we offered to do the cooking.  I’m beginning to think we took on more than we can handle.  Somehow we always pull through though.

Here’s the meal plan so far:

  • Ham  (we just don’t have the means or time to do a Turkey)
  • Stuffing
  • Green Bean Casserole
  • Mustard Roasted Potatoes   OR   Sweet Potato Casserole  (haven’t decided yet)
  • Cheesy Broccoli & Rice  (a Thanksgiving tradition at her house)
  • Pumpkin Fluff Dip (this stuff is AMAZING – thank you Pinterest!)
  • Caramel Apple Cheesecake
  • Pecan Pie  /  Pumpkin Pie  (these will be store bought — again, no time — unless you want to come babysit for us, lol  )

What are your Thanksgiving plans?  Are you doing any cooking?

Sometimes … I like to dish out some paybacks

21 Nov

To Rhonda (Cale’s secretary):

 ….  Remember a few weeks ago when you “thought it would be funny” and tell me that Cale was fired?
Wellllll ….. it’s payback time……

I fed Cale Chili ALL day long yesterday.  Chili with A LOT of beans.

Payback’s a #$%&*, isn’t it?