Rapture = Success

25 May

I guess the main thing is … I have wifi up here and so therefore I can continue to keep blogging.

Anyway.  Sorry you didn’t make this round.  Not sure when the next comet will be by to pick you up either.  But I hear October is looking promising.  So until then … here’s all you ever wanted to know and need to know about Shangri-la:

  • The devil and our insurance companies really do have a longstanding partnership (as suspected).
  • There is a completely seperate dog/bug/fish Heaven.
  • My chidren’s missing socks are all up here.  Who would’ve thought?!
  • The King of Pop … Yeah … Not up here.  Nor are the creators of Dora and Diego.
  • You can morph your body to look how you want to look.  I’ve been mistaken for J. Lo a couple times now.
  • They have a special time slot during the day called:  “Happy Meals & Happy Hour”.  Use your imagination.
  • Chocolate really was “Heaven sent”!
  • There really is this hilarious whistle sound effect whenever someone ascends into Heaven.

and lastly….

  • Yes.  He really does see everything you do.  Even that.  No he doesn’t think you’re a pervy.  Except for that one time.  Probably shouldn’t ever do that again.

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